Karen & Kurt 
Edgewood in St. Denis

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The Garden on Misty Lake

This is our third year as backyard farmers and we are excited to have new plants in the ground, beans sprouting up and lovely fresh herbs waiting to be included in meals.
We haven’t expanded the size of the in-ground garden this year, but we’ve added additional pots for squash, peppers and onions. Yes, we are attempting squash again this year after we took a year off because of blight. Powdery mildew attacked our previous squash plants and last year’s cucumbers. This year, we’re trying the squash again and have black tarp under the plants and a plant in a tomato cage. We’ve ordered Eureka cucumber seeds on the advice of the master gardeners who claim this hybrid cucumber is resistant to blight. Oh, we hope so! There are pickles to make!

As for the celery we tried last year – it’s growing! The celery wintered over and is now growing into beautiful bunches that we hope to harvest in a couple of months.

The sunflowers have sprouted and we hope they will be as glorious as they were our first year farming. Visit us often to see how the little farm on Misty Lake is going this summer.

2012 Garden Photo Album

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